Finding your Wedding Day Fragrance
December 1, 2018


A Scent to Remember


They say that the sense of smell is the most powerful of the five senses, and yet, when considering all the elements for your bridal ensemble, many forget to consider a wedding fragrance.


After all it is a special day in every sense. A beautiful gown that is lovely to see and touch, the couple’s favorite music and elegant foods and desserts are all part of the experience. Less well thought out is the olfactory profile.


Some of this is contributed by the flowers chosen for the event, and of course the food will have a tantalizing smell as well, but it’s important for the bride to have her own scent that stands out from the crowd.


It’s important to have a scent that the bride and groom will remember long after their wedding day. Perhaps the bride could splash on some of the special fragrance on their anniversary or on special occasions.


A unique wedding fragrance, chosen specifically for a day is a special way to make the moment unique. Fragrancex has a flowchart that gives hints on the best way to match an olfactory profile to a specific event, bride and venue.


From exotic aromas to bring out the mystery of your luxurious wedding, to classic floral aromas that reinforce the traditional scents and simply say romance, there are fragrances that will perfectly match the feeling of your wedding. Take a look at the visual below to see what makes the best sense for the senses on your big day.

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